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Heavey Quinn Irish Dance
Heavey Quinn Irish Dance


Dress Code for Heavey Quinn Dancers

A designated class uniform is mandatory for all Heavey Quinn dancers. The uniform includes black shorts, an HQID t-shirt, and poodle (or bubble socks). These items can be conveniently purchased at Online Store. Additionally, socks are available for purchase at the studio.

Class Uniform Guidelines

Adherence to the class uniform is obligatory for all dancers, without any exceptions.  New dancers are required to acquire the class uniform within a two-week period.  It is essential to tie hair in a ponytail during class – no exceptions will be made.
Dancers are prohibited from wearing baggy pants, t-shirts, camis, tank tops, or sweatshirts.  To order your HQID clothing, please visit the provided link.

Dancing Shoes

For Level I Beginners, dancers are required to wear either Irish Dancing shoes (Ghillies) or black ballet slippers. It's important to note that if opting for ballet slippers, they should fit snugly without leaving excessive room for growth, as this can hinder proper toe pointing.

For Level II/III Advanced Beginners, dancers are expected to wear Ghillies and hard shoes, with permission from the teacher.

For dancers in the Novice, PW, and Championships levels, Ghillies, hard shoes, and dance sneakers are necessary. Second-hand Ghillies and hard shoes are available for purchase through HQA. Dancers who wish to sell their shoes should submit them with their name, address, and asking price attached. Upon sale, payment will be issued to the seller.

New shoes can be acquired through Mary Devlin at Devlin Dance Shoes. If purchasing shoes elsewhere, whether online or from another location, it's imperative to ensure they fit snugly and can be returned or exchanged if necessary.

Poodle socks are available for purchase at the studio.

Heavey Quinn Irish Dance
Heavey Quinn Irish Dance
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