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An Irish feis (pronounced "fesh") is a traditional Gaelic festival or gathering that celebrates Irish culture, particularly through music and dance. In contemporary times, an Irish feis often refers to a competitive event where dancers, musicians, and sometimes other performers compete to showcase their skills in various aspects of Irish culture, most notably Irish dance.


Irish dance competitions are a central feature of feiseanna, with participants competing in solo, group, and ceili (group) dances across different age groups and skill levels. These competitions typically adhere to strict rules and traditions established by governing bodies such as An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha (CLRG), which oversees Irish dancing worldwide.

In addition to dance competitions, Irish feiseanna may include competitions for traditional Irish music, singing, language, and other cultural activities. Feiseanna provide opportunities for participants to display their talents, socialize with others who share their interests, and celebrate the rich heritage of Ireland. They are important events within the Irish community, both in Ireland and in Irish diaspora communities around the world.

Dancers enrolled in Saturday classes at HQID must consult Mary before registering for any Saturday feises. It is important to review the list of adjudicators to avoid conflicts. If Kathleen Flaherty, Ronan McCormack, or Anthony Murnane are serving as judges, please ensure to seek approval from Mary before signing up for the feis, as this may result in a conflict requiring approval from the Feis Committee.

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All feisanna for New England Region

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All feisanna for North America

New England 2024 Feises



01/28/24 - Murray Academy Winter Feis, Stratham, NH 

02/04/24 - Shamrock Feis, Southington, CT 

02/24/24 - Newport Ocean State Feis, Warwick RI 

02/25/24 - Rhose Island State Championship, Warwick RI 

03/03/24 - Maureen Hansen Keohane Memorial Feis, North Attleborough, MA

04/07/24 - Lenihan School Feis, Stratford, CT 

05/04/24 - Waterville Valley Feis 2024, Waterville Valley, NH 

05/05/24 - White Mountain Feis 2024, Waterville Valley, NH 

05/26/24 - Murray Academy Feis, Stratham, NH 

05/31/24 & 06/01/24 - The Maureen Greene O'Leary Memorial Feis, West Roxbury, MA 

06/02/24 - The Hartford Feis, Glastonbury, CT 

06/08/24 - Irish Cultrual Centre Championship, Canton, MA

06/09/24 - O'Shea Chaplin Feis, Canton, MA 

06/23/24 - New Haven Feis, New Haven, CT

07/27/24 - Maine State Feis, South Portland, ME 

08/25/24 - Lunasa Feis, West Springfield, MA 

09/14/24 - Mulcahy Irish Arts Foundation Feis, Manchester, CT 

09/22/24 - New England Autumn Feis, Canton, MA 

10/05/24 - CT Irish Dance Championship, Groton, CT

10/06/24 - The New England Cup, Groton, CT 

10/13/24 - McInerney Feis, Worcester, MA 

10/19/24 - Fairfield County Championship 

10/20/24 - Step Into Fall Fei

10/27/24 - Harvest Time Feis, Burlington, MA 

11/03/24 - Southern CT State Feis, Stratford, CT 

12/08/24 - Realt Na Nollag Feis,  Location TBD  

HQID Sponsored Feises

Heavey Quinn Irish Dance Harvest Time Feis
Realt Na Nollag Feis
Heavey Quinn Irish Dance
Heavey Quinn Irish Dance
Heavey Quinn Irish Dance
Heavey Quinn Irish Dance
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