Policies & Tuition

Tuition Policies

Payment Options

Paying Tuition by Session
If paying your tuition in full each session, the first class is full price and each additional class will be 10% off. The discount is given from highest to lowest price class. There is no discount for private or semi-private classes. You will receive an invoice prior to credit card being charged.

Paying Tuition by Month
If paying for your tuition each month, all classes are regular price. There is no discount given for multiple classes, private or semi-private classes. Your account will be charged the first Friday of each month except for the September payment, which will be charged once you are invoiced/registered.

Paying Tuition by Year
A 5% total discount will be given if tuition is paid in full for the year at the time of registration.

We offer a sibling discount of 10% off for the second child in a family. For families of 3 or more, please contact the studio for your discount.
Discounts are also available in the various payment options mentioned above.

It is important for dancers at all levels to practice at home with the proper music. Please note the metronic speeds below:

Beginner Speeds
Reel and Slip Jig: 116-120
Light Jig: 115

Advanced Beginner, Novice, Prizewinner
Reel and Slip Jig: 113
Light Jig: 115
Heavy or Treble Jig: 92 (traditional speed) or 73 (slow)
Hornpipe: 138 (Fast) or 113 (Slow)

Music for practicing can be downloaded online at places such as iTunes. Here are some music suggestions: Michael Fitzpatrick, Anthony Davis, Stephen Carolan, Cormac O’Se, Niall Mulligan

Feis Log
As teachers we like to see the progress our dancers are making or where they may need to focus. If you attend competition, you should submit a feis log in December and then again after the spring feis season. If there is a need for more, you will be asked for it.
Download/Print Feis Log

Practice Log
It is necessary for dancers to practice their material at home. This log is for the dancer's use, and we hope by tracking their time and what they are practicing, it will help them improve. Dancers are welcome to turn in their practice log to their teacher.
Download/Print Practice Log

Inclement Weather Policy
If it is necessary to cancel classes for inclement weather, an email will be sent out and info will be posted on Facebook. Alternatively, you can call the studio at (978) 250-9100 after 1:00 pm (for weekday classes) and 7:00 am (for Saturday classes) to find out if classes are canceled.

Classes will not be rescheduled if canceled due to inclement weather.