Class Descriptions

At Heavey-Quinn Academy of Irish Dance, we offer classes for all levels! View below for class descriptions, then visit our class schedules for each location. Students can register online here.

Learn Irish ReelIrish Step
Dancers learn how to dance the reel, jig, slip jig, and hornpipe along with traditional set pieces. All of these dances are determined by the dancer’s level and ability.

Beginner (Level I)
Dancer with no Irish Step experience

Advanced Beginner (Level II and III)
Dancers with 2 to 3 years of Irish Step experience

Dancers who have competed at the advanced beginner level and have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their respective dances.

Dancers who have competed at the Novice level and have placed 1st in their respective dances.

Ceili Dancing
Dancers participate in team dancing. Dancers will learn the 4 Hand Reel, Humours of Bandon, Cross Reel, High Caul Cap and many more. These dances are performed at competitions throughout the year. Dancers must have a minimum of one year dancing experience to participate.

Set Dancing
This class is for teenagers and adults. Dancing is performed in groups of four or eight and is considered a social type of dance – similar to square dancing. No partner is necessary. Class is open to beginner through advanced dancers. Set Dancing is a lot of fun and a great workout!

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