Irish dance classes are offered for all ages and ability levels.  New students are accepted throughout the year.   (You do not have to wait for a session to begin to join!) We welcome dancers age 3 and up.


Prior to registering for classes, please email Mary to determine what class is the best level, time, etc.  Once you have confirmed the correct class(es), you may Register Online.

The dance season runs similar to the school year – September through mid-June. The year is broken down into three 12 week sessions or you can sign up by the month. (You do not have to wait for a session or month to begin to join!  Tuition will be pro-rated.)

  • Weekday classes will start the week of 9/11/17.
  • Classes will finish on 6/16/18.

Please contact us if you have questions regarding class level or tuition rates.

Class schedule by location:


The dance season runs similar to the school year – September through mid-June.  All tuition rates can be found on class schedules posted throughout our website. Tuition can be paid monthly or per 12 week session, there are three sessions in each year.

Tuition and Registration

Registration fee per family –

  • $20/family for existing students
  • $25/family for new students

Session Dates:

  • First Session: Sept 11, 2017 – Dec 9, 2017
  • Second Session: Dec 11,2017 – March 17, 2018
  • Third Session: March 19, 2018  – June 16, 2018



Once you register, you will receive an invoice for first semester/month’s tuition.

Starting this year, we are requesting all families have a credit card on file through Jack Rabbit.  When you register for classes, please make sure to include this information.  If for some reason you need to pay by check/cash, please email Mary so your account can be noted.

If you pay on a monthly basis, a credit card will be REQUIRED online and your account will be charged the first Friday of each month except for the September payment, which will be charged once you are invoiced/registered.

If paying by the session, the first payment will be due at the time or registration and then as follows:

  • 2nd semester tuition due 12/11/17
  • 3rd semester due 3/16/18

You will receive an invoice prior to credit card being charged.

Please note there is a $25 late fee if tuition is not paid on time.

All tuition payments must be paid up to date prior to recital. If tuition is not up to date, dancer will not be allowed to participate in recital.

If there is a financial hardship please contact Mary directly to see what other options are available.


Sibling Discount

  • Sibling discount is 10% off for 2nd child — for families of 3 or more please contact Mary for discount.

Paying by the session:

  • The first class is full price. Each additional class is 10% off. Discount is given from highest to lowest price class.
  • No discount for private or semi-private classes.

Paying monthly:

  • All classes are regular price.  No discount given for multiple classes, private or semi-private classes.

Paying Annually:

  • 5% discount available if full tuition payment for the year is paid at time of registration.


All dancers are required to wear black shorts, Heavey-Quinn Academy t-shirt and poodle socks.  Class uniform will be strictly enforced.  Poodle socks can be purchased at the studio.

Hair must be in a ponytail – no exceptions.

Children are not allowed to wear baggy pants, t-shirts, camis, tank tops or sweatshirts.

For shorts, t-shirt, warm up suits, you need to email your order to info@treblehop.com

HQ Clothing – Selection & Prices 2017

Sample sizes are available at all locations.

Prices do not include shipping/handling.

Shipping USPS Priority Mail

Up to 4 items (shorts/tees/tanks) $7.20

More than 4 items (including warm up suits) $13.60

Please include the following information:
Dancers Full Name
Dancers Location
Parents Name
Shipping Address

Please make checks payable to Treblehop and mail to Treblehop, 3455 NE 12th Tce, Suite 13, Oakland Park, FL 33334


  • Level I/Beginners – Ghillies (Irish Dancing shoes) or black ballet slippers
    (If purchasing ballet slippers please make sure they are snug — do not leave lots of room to grow as it is difficult for dancers to point their toe properly.)
  • Level II/III/Adv Beg – Ghillies and hard shoes (with teacher’s permission)
  • Novice/PW/Championships – Ghillies, hard shoes and dance sneakers

We also sell 2nd hand ghillies and hard shoes.  If you have shoes to sell, please turn them in and make sure your name, address is attached to shoes with price.  Once shoes are sold, payment will be sent to you.

You can purchase new shoes through Mary Devlin at Devlin Dance Shoes

Call or e-mail Mary 781-405-0932 for more info.


It is important for dancers at all levels to practice at home with the proper music which can be downloaded through iTunes

Beginner Speeds:

  • Reel and Slip Jig 116-120
  • Light Jig 115

Advanced Beginner, Novice, Prizewinner:

  • Reel and Slip Jig 113
  • Light Jig 115
  • Heavy or treble Jig 92(traditional speed) 73 (slow)
  • Hornpipe 138 (Fast) 113 (Slow)

There are many more musicians you can access through iTunes to download music.

Here are some suggestions: Michael Fitzpatrick, Anthony Davis, Stephen Carolan, Cormac O’Se, Niall Mulligan

FEIS LOG – As teachers we like to see the progress our dancers are making or where they may need to focus.  If you attend competition, you should submit a feis log in December and then again after the spring feis season.  If there is a need for more, you will be asked for it.


PRACTICE LOG – It is necessary for dancers to practice their material at home.  This log is for the dancer’s use, but we hope by tracking their practice time and what they are practicing, it will help them improve.  Dancer’s are welcome to turn in their practice log to their teacher.

Practice Log


If it is necessary to cancel classes for inclement weather, an email will be sent out and info will be posted on Facebook. Alternatively you can call the studio at 978-250-9100 after 1:00pm (for weekday classes) and 7:00am (for Saturday classes) to hear if classes are canceled.  Classes will not be rescheduled if canceled due to inclement weather.